This method of thatching uses specially grown straw from local wheat crops  to produce a beautiful roof covering.The crop is specially processed, being combed clean of short straws and leaves, with all the stems lying in the same direction and provided to the thatcher in bundles.

The appearance of a freshly-thatched combed wheat reed roof is neat, even and well-packed,showing a more curved look overall, The butt ends of the straws form the face of the thatch and show as tiny circles.

Using good quality material and fitted by a good thatcher, is still an excellent material for thatching.The raw material is mostly grown in the South west by farmers  who specialise in producing straw for thatched roofs. This is a skilled process using tall varieties of wheat, special growing methods and special machinery for harvesting, threshing and combing to ensure the best quality roofing material.We hand source our materials to ensure that the best quality materials is supplied to our storage barn.

Stand back and admire the magnificence and splendour of your newly thatched roof. Know that it reflects impeccable quality and devoted workmanship. Appreciate the outstanding natural materials and exquisite finish. And be confident in your choice of industry highly commended master thatchers. It's worth boasting about.